St Marys Ontario - Photos and happenings in this Southwestern Ontario Canada town

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

481 Water Street South, St Marys, Ontario

The Town of St Marys, Ontario gave notice 30 April 2008 that 481 Water Street South will be designated an Ontario Heritage Property unless an objection is made within 30 days.

St Marys stonemason Alexander McDonald constructed the limestone house just south of Centennial Park in the early 1850s. In 1858, with his partner Francis Anderson he erected the St Marys Junction Railway Station. They were also builders of the Victoria Bridge in 1864-5. Their quarry, now part of the swimming pool, supplied stone for the London railway viaduct begun in 1857.

The house is a simple but well-proportioned structure. It has many features that are recurring marks of McDonald's trade and of his style, including the projecting architrave and base course of the front wall.

The property is also associated with the Hutchings family; some members of this family were stonemasons during the early years of St Marys.